Mike LaZazzera Sports Performance Coach

Mike LaZazzera has an authentic interest in helping athletes perform to the best of their abilities. Mike’s pursuit of knowledge within this quest to help athletes has provided an impressive academic background and presently is pursuing a Performance Psychology PhD as well as a Leadership PhD.

Mike has a significant sports psychology and sports counseling background with over 5000 hours of counseling and mentoring athletes from amateur to Professional players. Mike has provided and
implemented sports psychology workshops with various themes for a number of youth, high school, junior, college and professional teams. In addition, Mike has extensive experience providing direction and leadership for athletes looking to make it to the ‘next level’ … whatever that level may be.

Mike’s 35+ years of coaching, mentoring, leadership skills and counseling experience at all levels of sport has given him a tremendous understanding of the advantages performance enhancement coaching can provide for any athlete.

As a Sport Performance Coach, Mike is genuinely interested in helping athletes use psychological principles to achieve optimal mental health and to improve athletic performance, i.e., performance enhancement!